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3 Sports and Rules


  1. The basic rules of sport
    There are many rules for Volleyball. Some of the most important ones are:
    • Each team can only hit the ball 3 times.
    • Players are not allowed to hit the ball twice in a row.
    • The ball is allowed to touch the net when serving and while playing; unlike other sports.
    • The ball can be touched with any part of the body.
    • Players are not allowed to catch, hold or throw the ball, although they can hold it while serving.
    • The ball has to be thrown up to serve.
    • The person serving has to serve within the next 8 seconds after the referee whistling.
    • Players move clockwise.
    • Matches are organised in sets.
      • A point is made/scored when the team bounces the ball on the other team or if the ball is thrown outside the limits of the court which are mentioned below. If the ball bounces on the line, it is considered in.
      • Points are given to the opponent when the one serving does not achieve to pass the ball to the other side.
      • A point is also given to the other team when a player touches the net while the game is taking place.
      • Players cannot touch the ball before it has crossed the net.
      • Serving out of the clockwise rotation.

      1. Field structure and limits
      The dimensions of the court are 18 meters long, by 9 meters wide, divided into two parts. A photo has been added below.
      Only 6 people can be on each side of the net, 3 on the front and 3 on the back.
      Players have to serve from behind the serving line.
      1. The sports history in Spain
      Volleyball was created in 1895 by William G. Morgan. He was then director of Physical Education at the Ymca of Holihoke, in the state of Massachusetts. Volleyball is one of the most popular sports in spain after football. In 1950 was built and was in a section of FEB. In 1951 a Spanish competition took place. In 1953 the volleyball section joins the FIVB Volleyball International Federation. The Spanish Volleyball Federation (RFEVB) was formally constituted on January 26, 1960.

      1. Material needed to do this sport

      • A standard volleyball is needed, which is made of synthetic leather or real leather.
      • Players have to wear a T-shirt and lycra shorts. Each team of a different colour.

      • Knee and elbow pads.
      • A net which is 2.43 meters for men and 2.24 meters for women.

        • For the 3 sports explain national status only:
        • The main league calendar

          What clubs or athletes participated in this league

          • I chose the European League, so most european countries
            Facilities used, to play the sport
            • Volleyball is a sport which is played usually indoors.
              Club or athletes rankings at the end of the season
              Seeing this results we can say that the spanish federation hasn’t won many competitions in 1st place.
              1. The basic rules of sport
              How to make points: Each time the offense completes a pass in the defense's end zone, the offense scores a point. Play is initiated after each score.
              The disc can move in any direction.
              The thrower has 10 seconds to throw the disk.
              When a pass is not completed successfully, the defense immediately takes possession of the disc and becomes the offense.
              No physical contact is allowed.
              No running with the disk.

              1. Field structure and limits
                A rectangular shape with end zones at each end. A regulation field is 64 meters by 36,5 meters, with end zones 22,8 meters deep.

                1. The sports history in Spain
                  The first frisbee appears in California, USA, around 1903, when a group of young people from Bridgeport had fun throwing each other the molds of the cakes, manufactured by the company Frisbie Pie Company.
                  In Spain there is a Federation called Federación Española de Discos Voladores.
                  In August of 2001, the First Spanish Championship of Ultimate was held in Castelldefels.
                  In 2017 Frisbee was registered as an Association in the registry

                  1. Material needed to do this sport
                    A standard disk.
                    1. For the 3 sports explain national status only:

                      • The main league calendar
                        What clubs or athletes participated in this league

                        • Bárbaros Ultimate Frisbee Alicante
                        • Bolskandisc Huesca, Aragón
                        • C.D. ULTIMATE FRISBEE FUENGIROLA "BOKERONES" Fuengirola, Málaga
                        • Catalyst Barcelona, CT
                        • Disckatus Ultimate Madrid
                        • Flying Squirrels Palau de Plegamans, CT
                        • Peixets Barcelona, CT
                        • Polbo Ultimate A coruña
                        • Sharks Barcelona, CT
                        • URRACAS ULTIMATE Salamanca
                        • Facilities used, to play the sport

                                      Usually played in a grass court, and on the beach.

                                      • Club or athletes rankings at the end of the season


                                        The basic rules of sport

                                        • one person plays against one person or doubles, where two people play against two people.
                                        • The objective of the game is for the team to win 2 sets faster than your opponent.
                                        • To win a set, the team must score 21 points and be at least two points ahead.
                                        • To score a point, you must aim to hit the shuttlecock,over the net and onto your opponent’s floor without the opponent returning.
                                        • Are different for singles and doubles. To start the game, a player must serve the shuttlecock below the waist.

                                        • Field structure and limits

                                        • The court is 13.4m long and 6.1m wide.
                                        • The net is 1.55 m above the ground.
                                        • Limits are different for doubles, as seen in the picture.
                                          1. The sports history in Spain
                                          Badminton is originary from India, Asia. The Spanish Badminton Federation was founded in 1985. Badminton began playing in Galicia in 1970. The first badminton championship was in 1982 in Valladolid. David Serrano Vílchez won 7 consecutive Spanish championships between 1990 and 1996. He was also the first Spanish badminton player to participate in the Olympic Games. Below is a photo of Carolina Martin, professional badminton player.

                                          1. Material needed to do this sport

                                          • Badminton Racket
                                          • Shuttlecock
                                          • Badminton Shoes
                                          • Badminton Attire (T-shirt)
                                          • Net
                                          1. For the 3 sports explain national status only:
                                            • The main league calendar

                                              • What clubs or athletes participated in this league
                                                The most important badminton players in Spain are: David Serrano Vilchez, Esther Sanz, Dolores Marco, Sergio Llopis, José Antonio Crespo, Yoana Martínez and Carolina Martin.

                                                • Facilities used, to play the sport
                                                  Badminton is played indoors.

                                                  • Club or athletes rankings at the end of the season
                                                    These are the first 5 players in the category Seniors A1.

                                                    6. A table which compares at least 6 characteristics techniques that can be differentiated

                                                    Parts Used
                                                    Any part of the body
                                                    Used material to “throw”
                                                    Court size
                                                    6 vs 6
                                                    7 vs 7
                                                    2 vs 2
                                                    Date of appearance

                                                    ACTIVITY 2: PE CLASS

                                                    1. Objectives and contents
                                                      The main objective for a PE class is that everyone moves and has fun. This can be easily achieved with the 3 aforementioned sports. First I would start with a simple frisbee game. We would play it outside. This is a good exercise to warm up and have fun. This activity is great for creating better teamwork. Afterwards, we would go inside the sports center and start playing in pairs some badminton. The net would already be set up. As one of the priorities of the sports class is that everyone is moving, everyone would be playing a match in pairs. Winners will go with winners, and teams who haven’t won would go together. The ranking will be used for the next activity, Volleyball. The net will already be there thanks to the previous activity. Another competition will take place.

                                                      1. Organization of the session:
                                                        2 Teams randomly selected, 1 disk. Each team on one side of the court. One team is going to throw the disk and the game will start. 10 vs 10.
                                                        Competition in pairs. 2 vs 2.
                                                        Competition in groups of 5. 5 vs 5.

                                                        • Session structure: session parts
                                                          1. Frisbee
                                                          1. Badminton
                                                          1. Volleyball
                                                          1. Stretching
                                                            • Time/duration of each exercise
                                                            Classes are 55 minutes long, however students have to change. I have calculated that 7 minutes are wasted at the beginning and 7 at the end. So now we are left with 40 minutes to play all the activities.

                                                            • 7 minutes to get dressed
                                                            • 10 minutes Frisbee.
                                                            • 2 minutes to walk back to the sports centre and get the appropriate equipment for badminton.
                                                            • 10 minutes Badminton.
                                                            • 2 minutes to leave the equipment and to get the volley balls.
                                                            • 10 minutes Volleyball.
                                                            • 6 minutes stretching.
                                                            • 7 minutes to get dressed.

                                                              Material required

                                                                • Disk
                                                                • Net
                                                                • Rackets
                                                                • Birdie
                                                                • Ball

                                                                  • Groups: in pairs, individuals…
                                                                    Frisbee is going to be in 2 groups selected randomly, badminton is going to be in pairs. And 4 groups of 5 are going to be created.

                                                                    • Area where the activity will take place
                                                                      Frisbee is going to take place outside in the football court. This way there is a larger field and students don’t get very warm.
                                                                      Then we will all go inside and start playing badminton and volleyball, because a flat surface is needed/preferred.

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