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1st Term
December 2017


Sports Habits
Eating Habits
Young Adults
Sports Habits
Eating Habits
Sports Habits
Eating Habits
My own interview
Analysis and comparison
People that were interviewed


I have done an interview to some of my nearby friends and family members to determine their habits about their physical activity and diet. To be more specific and visual, I have created graphs. Also, I have divided them in three groups: Teenagers (14-18), Young adults (19-39), Adults (40 or more).

In each group of people, starting from the youngest group and ending with the adults, I have asked them different questions, such as how many hours a week they do sport, if they wanted to do more, if it was an individual or group, if they stretch and what their reasons are to why they do or don’t do sport. Furthermore, they had to answer what they eat, whether they are happy with it, if they breakfast and eat in fast food restaurants and finally, if they are happy with their body.

To end this project, I will analyse all the data I have recollected and give a conclusions and some ideas on how each group could improve their lifestyle.


I rounded up a group of 13 teenagers and asked them about their sports habits.

Not everyone does sport, but those who do it, their reasons are because society demands it, although they won't say it. Those who don’t do sport just don’t have time or don’t like doing sports. 8 people say they would like to do more. That might be because they feel they could achieve bigger things.
At this age, it is good to have partners, so they can motivate you and help you progres. Competitivity also plays a big role at this age.

It is always good to stretch before and after doing sports because you could get very severe injuries. It also helps the muscle ‘activate’.

5 out of 13 people don’t feel good about their body. Basically, it is because of the aforementioned reason: Society.

6) Why are you happy or unhappy about your body?
I have never been that type of person that feels insecure about their body
I would like to be bigger
I am not in a very good shape
There are things I like and dislike about my body
Because I just don’t like my body
Yes, because I like it although I could get fitter
I have a body that is mine and I can change whenever I want…. Why would I not like it?
Because I feel good when I do sport
Because I am healthy and that is enough to like it
It is not a bad body, it is good looking
There are no reasons I can give
I don’t have a lot of strength but I can do sports without ‘dying’
I am strong

7) Why do you do sports?
To burn energy
I have tried to start a group sport, but at my age it is quite difficult
Because I like achieving my goals
No, because after being 3 months in a hospital without doing anything, now everything is hard to do
I like doing sport x4
To relieve stress
to eat without getting fat
To have a good body x2

Now I am going to give information about their eating habits

The usual and recommended amount of meals per day is 3, although in some counties, they have different traditions, such as ‘merienda’. Those who eat 5 or more times a day say they feel bad about it but will keep doing it. Only one says he wants to stop.

Only 1 person doesn’t like their eating habits, that person feels like they eat too much. He/She wants to start a diet and start doing some sport. He/She told me that this interview had opened his/her eyes and asked me to keep their name anonymous.

3)  What do you usually eat?
I don’t eat fish but I eat meat and pasta
Little quantities of red meat and fish. Normal amounts of Fruit/vegetables
A Balanced diet x5
Everything but I could eat more meat
Everything x2
Ecological food
Little vegetables, fruit and fish

4) Would you change anything of you diet?
More vegetables
No x7
Yes, things that are better for my metabolism
More fruit
Too much ecological food
More fruits and vegetables
Too eat a more balanced diet

All 13 of my subjects weren’t on a special diet. They were also not planning on starting one.

Only 4 out of 13 don’t breakfast everyday. Nutritionists say this is the most important meal of the day, as it provides energy to your body after being (approx) 11 hours without eating anything. All of those who breakfast say they eat cereal with milk, which was quite surprising for me as I thought more people would eat bread. Those who don’t usually breakfast say it is because they don’t have time.

Eating regularly in fast food restaurants is bad for your health because the food they sell doesn’t provide you with the nutrients that your body needs. These places should be avoided and you should only go if there is no other alternative. Unfortunately, only 1 person goes there.

After asking teenagers about their habits, I then started asking young adults whose age goes from 19 to 39. I only got the opportunity to ask four people.
At this age, everyone tends to do at least 1 hour a week sport. As they don’t go to school, they have to look for sports by themselves, which might be a bit difficult for them.

Only one would like to do more, the others say that they don’t have any more spare time, their jobs demand them too much time.

At this age, people tend to go and do sports whenever it is convenient for them, so other people don’t have to depend on them.

Only half of them stretch, which isn’t very good because as you get older, so do your muscles.

Most of them are, because at this age, other things are more important.

6) Why do you like, or dislike your body)
I would like to be thinner and without cellulite
I am not flat and everything is perfect
It s a flat and healthy body
I feel good about my body

7) Why do you do sport?
To keep healthy
To keep active
To stay strong
To Beat my marks, new objectives and new challenges

Now I asked them about their health and eating habits.

They say they eat that many times because in their offices they have different snacks, although they say it is not a bad thing.

Most of them are, the person that didn’t  feel happy said that more food had to be eaten.
3) What do you usually eat?
Balanced diet x3
Balanced diet hydrates+proteins+vegetables but I sometimes eat unhealthy snacks.

4) would you like to change anything of your diet?
No x2
Less sugar
More fruit and fish

5) Do you have a special diet?
No x4
This is because they are mature enough to know what is good for them and what isn’t. Indirectly, they are creating their own diet.

6) Do you eat breakfast?
Yes, always x4
This is quite surprising because they told me the exact same reasons as I gave in the teenage group.

7) Do you eat frequently in Fast Food restaurants?
No x4
They are all conscious about the detrimental effects these foods have on one’s body.

Finally I asked the adult group the questions. I only got to talk to 4.

Only 1 person did sport. The reasons for this are explained below.

Only 1 person wants to do more sport. Right now, that person does 0 hours a week of sport.
3) Is it a group or individual sport?
The person who does sports does it in group in the gym. He does guided activities.

4) Do you do stretching before doing sport?
Yes, I once got injured, and since then, I always stretch

5) Why do you do (or don’t) do sport?
I don’t like doing sport activities x2
To keep fit
I can’t
At this age, they told me, other things are more important, such as health. They don’t care about the appearance.

7) Why are you happy or unhappy about you body?
It is normal
It is well proportioned
I feel good about it
I have arthritis

After those questions, I asked them about their eating habits.

In this graph you can’t see the age, but the older the people, the more they eat and they worry less about the quantities.

2) What do you usually eat?
They all eat a balanced diet, they say they have learnt from past errors. An example they gave me is that for a long period of time that person only ate junk food. He felt that he had no energy and had a bad feeling. He did this because he hadn’t got much money at that time.

3) Would you change anything of your diet?
Nobody wanted to change anything, they said they ingested all the nutrients they had to, and if they didn’t, they took pills.

4) Are you on a special diet?
No x3
Yes x1

5) Do you eat breakfast?
All of them do. They have organised their time so each morning they have enough time to eat breakfast.

6) Do you usually eat in fast food restaurants?
None of them do, they consider that they are places for young people where they wouldn’t fit in.

Now, I am going to complete the interview with my own details.
My own interview (14-18)

How many hours a week do you do sports?
3 hours
Would you like to do more?
No, it is enough
What type of sport is it?
Group Sport
Do you stretch before and after?
Why do you do sport?
I realised I wasn’t doing anything, so I decided to start a sport to get stronger
Are you happy with your body?
Because I am not fat, although I could have more muscle

Now, the eating habit questions

How many times do you eat a day?
Are you happy about eating habits?
What do you usually eat?
Everything but not many vegetables and fish
Would you change anything about your diet?
Yes, I could eat a more balanced diet
Do you have any special diet?
Do you have breakfast?
Yes, always
Do you frequently eat in Fast Food restaurants
No, maybe twice a month

Comparison and analysis

There is a progressive decline in sports activity throughout the years. The teenagers have more time to do sports, that is because they end school relatively early. From then until bedtime there are many hours, what they do is use those hours to get fit and stay healthy. They also do sports to achieve society’s demands. People between the ages of 19 to 39 are either studying very hard or working. They have less time and less energy to dedicate to work. The adults on the other hand, (some of them)  have much more time, although they feel like they are not done for sport and wouldn’t fit in.

Regarding their view about their body, teenager are the most susceptible to do sport to feel good about their appearance, the older you get, the less important it is for you.

What usually happens with eating habits is that as time passes, the more mature you get and more things you try. Most young people say they don’t like things when they haven’t even tried them.  It could be said that teens want to eat healthier, but won’t do it because they just don’t want to.


From my point of view, the older you get, the healthier you eat. You are more open to trying new things and have learnt from your past mistakes. It can be said that when you are getting you want to improve your health without recurring to sports.
Regarding physical activity, it is like a rollercoaster, when you are a baby, you do very little sport, when you get to school until baccalaureate, yo do a lot of sport. After, when you get to university and get your first job, you do very little sports because you have to be centered in the academical and economical life. Once you have a fix job, you start doing certain activities, but just to keep healthy and getting out of the routine. Finally, when you are old, and your bones and muscles start to fail, you stop doing sports and look for another hobby.

People that were interviewed

******** Not shown for confidientiality

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